Monday, May 7, 2012

What's going on at the train?

There's been a lot going on here at Sushi Train, located at 51st and Harvard in beautiful Tulsa, Oklahoma. We've been adding some exciting new rolls to our train recently, including the deliciously spicy Prestige roll, the brilliantly fresh Skittle roll, and we have more exciting creations on the way! Our customers and staff have always been a source of sushi inspiration to us, coming up with new ways to enjoy our fresh, high quality sashimi and veggies. Did you know that you can request your own dream sushi roll from one of our talented, trained sushi chefs? It's true! If you have an idea you'd like to get into your mouth, ask a Sushi Train chef to help make your creation come to life! If we dig what you're putting on the plate, we'll even name the roll after you and keep it on the train as a regular!

We're proud to set ourselves apart at Sushi Train with unique, fun sushi rolls that you won't find anywhere else. We also maintain the tradition of classic sashimi cuts and popular rolls like the California roll and Tuna roll for our friends who enjoy the more familiar side of sushi. Don't forget - we also have the best Korean BBQ and Japanese teriyaki dishes in town. All of our sauces are made in house, from scratch, to guarantee you get a fresh, authentic Asian experience every time you come to Sushi Train. Don't want to leave the house? Got stuck working late at the office? We deliver. It's a flat rate of $3.00 to deliver within 5 miles of our restaurant, or $5.00 beyond that. Pretty easy, right? That's the idea!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sushi Train Welcomes 2012!

With a very positive and productive 2011 fast coming to a close, our family here at Sushi Train wanted to reflect on the past year and wish all of our customers and friends a wonderful 2012! Can you believe the year is almost over? I know we can't, but it has just zoomed by, packed with busy days at the restaurant, feeding happy, hungry customers.

Our November 5th Customer Appreciation Day was a huge hit yet again, bringing our customers in for half off everything on the train, all day long! The restaurant was packed, with our beloved customers spilling out the doors from 11am to 11pm! Thank you to everyone who stopped by to have a little piece of the fun and share in our joy of 5 years here in Tulsa, Oklahoma!

To add to our joy, the construction work at 51st and Harvard, the corner where we're conveniently located, is at long last complete! This means we are even easier to get to from any part of the Tulsa metropolitan area!

To celebrate our entry into 2012, we thought we'd let you know we have some new rolls on the train, and we're continuing to serve up a tasty mix of traditional Japanese sushi and dishes combined with the flavors of Korea with our Korean BBQ dishes! If you haven't tried our Bulgogi or Galbi, but love the flavors of grilled, marinated meat, we encourage you to give these delicious dishes a try next time you're here with us for a ride on the Sushi Train!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Demolition Work To Make Way For Tulsa's One Place Tower - - Tulsa, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports - |

Tulsa's reports that Demolition will begin at 2nd and Cheyenne, here in Tulsa this Thursday.

The demolition is to make way for a new office buiding, the One Place Tower, which contain office buildings as well as Tulsa Restaurants.

View the whole article on for more info.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sushi facts

  • Did you know that the word "sushi" technically refers to the rice and not the fish? Sushi emerged in Japan several centuries ago as dried fish was placed between two clumps of vinegared rice to preserve it and eventually seaweed was added to prevent your hands from sticking to the rice. "Su" is the Japanese word for vinegar and "shi" comes from the Japanese word "meshi" meaning rice, so sushi technically means vinegared rice.
  • There are two main types of sushi you will find at Sushi Train and most other sushi restaurants. These two types are nigiri and rolled sushi. Nigiri sushi is basically a small piece of cooked or raw fish or shellfish on a small portion of sticky sushi rice. Rolled Sushi or Maki comes in several forms, the first is usually fish, vegetables and rice wrapped in seaweed, there is also a version called Temaki where the rolls are larger and cone shaped. They are sometime called hand rolls.
  • Sashimi is sometimes confused with Nigiri sushi. Like nigiri, sashimi is a piece of raw or cooked shellfish or fish, however, sashimi does include any rice, it is just the piece of fish.
  • The seaweed wrap in sushi is technically an algae. It is carefully cultivated in special harbors in Japan, compressed into sheets and dried.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Restaurants | Sushi | Sushi Restaurant | Tulsa | Oklahoma

Quality sushi that tastes great can be hard to find. Finding that same quality sushi that tastes great, but at an affordable price, is too much to ask, right? Not at Sushi Train! Skip the other sushi restaurants and visit Sushi Train in Tulsa, Oklahoma today! Our sushi bar is the best in town because every member of our staff is a sushi fanatic and our chefs are some of the best sushi artisans in Oklahoma. We have been studying the Japanese art of sushi so extensively and for so long, that in our sushi restaurant, you can find not only all the classic sushi rolls and nigiri, but also many one-of-a-kind creations invented by our passionate chefs. But don’t worry, if sushi is not your thing, we also offer plenty of other Japanese and Asian cuisines. So skip the other sushi restaurants in Tulsa, Oklahoma and head on over to Sushi Train—home of the best sushi and Japanese food in town!

Why go to some posh, expensive sushi bar, when you can get sushi at incredibly low prices at Sushi Train? And Sushi Train isn’t just a name; we have an actual train that winds around our restaurant carrying our delectable dishes right to you! Our color-coded plates make it easy for you to know how much you’ve spent so you can keep the cost for your sushi fix at rock bottom. We only use quality ingredients guaranteed to leave you begging for more. But how do we keep our prices so low? All of our chefs are passionate about sharing the love of sushi to everyone, and don’t want high prices to be a barrier to trying a quality sushi restaurant. So if you are looking for Asian or Japanese food, or are just sick of all of the other Tulsa restaurants, come to Sushi Train, where spreading the joy of sushi is our passion! Call us today at (918) 747-9931 or drop by our location at 51st and Harvard, next to Chili’s.